THe digital relay box

Put an end to mechanical fuses,
relays and switches!

Addio Digital Relay Box DRB-9012-8-ADV

In vehicles and industry...

Service Vehicles

Emergency vehicles

Industrial applications





Lots of possibilities in one box!

Different applications


• Beacon
• Extra lights
• Fans
• Sirens
• Worklight
• Heaters
• DC Motor
• Cooling

• Displays and signs


And more....


• Fuse size 5A - 25A
• Switch/relay function
• Toggle function
• Fixed, only fuse and UVP
• Timers
• Blinking output
• 1-3 input sources for each output
• Voltage protection
• Digital temperature monitoring

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Configure with ease...

Fast and easy setup, with userfriendly interface

Addio Control Center is developed for a great user experience. It's easy to learn without any prior skills.

The tool offers great flexibility to easily create many different combinations of functions. 


Addio Control Center interface

Install smoothly...

Installation of two digital relay boxes

No more messy cables!

Addio's relay boxes offer clean wiring and fast installation in tight spaces in cars, special vehicles and industrial applications. Instead of a number of separate relays, you get the same functionality inside one of Addio's relay boxes, which makes the installation much quicker and cleaner. If you have any special demand except a normal relay function you will gain even more due to wide range or selectable functions!


Addio Remote is a mobile app which controls all your extras, whether you're inside or outside the vehicle. Use it on your mobile phone or tablet.

Addio Remote interface

The Products

Addio's product range consists of configurable microprocessor based digital relay boxes with accessories. The relay boxes have MOSFET technology for high current switching and long lifetime. 

Addio Digital Relay Box for 12V and 24V

The relay boxes come in different models which are adapted for 12V or 24V applications and have 4-8 outputs that can handle up to 25A. Each output has voltage and current monitoring for instant protection from short circuit and over load. 

Addio Hand Controller

The Addio Hand Controller can be used for both controlling the applications of the relay box and to indicate the status of the applications.

The Hand Controller has 15 configurable RGB LED illuminated buttons and connects easily to the relay box with a RJ10 connector.

Success stories

"The biggest advantage is the flexibility..."

"We use the Digital Relay Box for all types of cars, especially when it comes to larger installations like fire trucks. The relay box is used to control all equipment such as blue lights, warning lights, flashlights and work lights.

The Digital Relay Box provides us with a faster, smoother and cleaner installation with fewer connection points, which also takes up less space.

The biggest advantage is the flexibility of the relay box. It gives us so many possibilities."


- Stefan Redin, El & Larmcenter AB, Åkers Styckebruk, Sweden

Truck with extra applications installed


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